2550 Omniscope brings a quality control process revolution to Diab’s plastic production.

See our case film for the 2550 Omniscope system, a versatile KPI measurement solutions for in-line production, R&D, and batch testing within plastic production – enabling the user to take production-optimizing actions.

User case – Diab

Diab, a leading manufacturer of core material came to 2550 with the ambition to perform in-line quality control. With the 2550 Omniscope solution in place, Diab moved from measuring 1 sample out of 10 000, to measuring all produced PET boards. They also got access to the quality data needed to optimize their process control, reduce their costs and wastes, and improve the quality of their final product.

“It would be an understatement to say that 2550 have delivered value for us, they have revolutionized our whole quality control process” Magdalena Sandström, CTO at Diab Group.

About 2550 Engineering
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