2550 becomes the tech partner for YouGo to collectively enhance health and well-being in Swedish companies.

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Mental and physical health pose significant challenges in Swedish workplaces, currently ranking as the leading cause of sick leave. This is despite the positive tradition within Swedish companies of engaging in occupational healthcare. To reverse this trend and identify health issues early on, new approaches and tools are essential. The earlier a problem is detected, the greater the likelihood of implementing effective interventions.

To ensure employees thrive and perform at their best, a combination of a positive work environment and healthy lifestyle habits is crucial. YouGo Healthplan, a Swedish innovation company dedicated to improving physical and mental health in workplaces, has developed a solution for this purpose. Utilizing a data-driven digital platform grounded in extensive research, the company can automate tailored recommendations and actions, both at an individual level and for the organization as a whole. Now, tech company 2550 Engineering joins as a partner to refine YouGo's platform, making it more precise and user-friendly. Together, YouGo and 2550 work towards the common goal of preventing health issues and improving well-being, productivity, and profitability in Swedish companies.

The platform is not only reactive but can also be used proactively, providing conditions for self-help by encouraging improved lifestyle habits. These habits encompass how individuals choose to live and manage aspects such as stress, performance, recovery, sleep, movement, nutrition, tobacco, and alcohol. The platform's services enable systematic, strategic, and long-term efforts on these issues, even for individuals working remotely.

Maria Nyquist, VP at 2550 Engineering and Anna Krantz, founder of YouGo Healthplan

"The collaboration with YouGo is ideal for us. We are driven to develop cutting-edge technology with a focus on people. Contributing to the improvement of health and well-being on a broad scale with an exciting technical solution aligns perfectly with our goals. I am confident that our expertise and approach, combined with YouGo's knowledge and expertise in the field, will enhance the platform significantly and contribute to a healthier society," says Maria Nyquist, VP at 2550 Engineering.

2550 will assume comprehensive technical responsibility for both backend and frontend development, resulting in an updated version of the platform.

"We were not only impressed by 2550's creativity and technical competence but also by their flexibility, compliance, and speed. When working closely together on a project, it is important to understand each other, have an open dialogue, and create synergies together – something that 2550 fulfills very well. I am both proud and happy to have 2550 as our tech partner; together, we can elevate our product to a whole new level," says Anna Krantz, Founder of YouGo Healthplan.

Maria Nyquist, Vice President, 2550 Engineering
Phone: +46 (0) 739 412 089
E-mail: maria.nyquist@2550.engineering